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A 7-episode docuseries






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During last year we got on over 16 different flights, that in between snowy mountains and sunny beaches, took us to 7 different cities.- Why, you ask?

The aim was to attend 7 of We Are Europe’s festivals, and invite activists to discuss pressing issues we currently face as part of Europe. But how can a music event trigger a discussion about activism? We travelled to Graz, Lyon, Barcelona, Cologne, Thessaloniki, The Hague and Tromsø to find that out. There, we met up with people from all over Europe and talked about how to be an activist in the most varied fields of work.The result is a 7-episode documental series, which you can now watch below.


Episode 1: What makes us humans?

Vasilis Tsartsanis, a hairdresser and part-time filmmaker from Greece who has helped thousands of refugees, and Ben Frost, a music composer and producer based in Iceland meet for the first time in snowy Graz, Austria, where they discuss the current political climate, the refugee crisis, and political activism.

Read more about this story here or watch Point of no Return below.

Episode 2: Is the political society able to change the politics?

Máret Ánne Sara, an artist, author and journalist from Norway, whose work focuses on Sami reindeer-social issues, and Angnieszka Wisniewska, an activist and political commentator from Poland meet for the first time in Lyon to discuss the role of society in politics and how people should not leave politics for politicians only.

Read more about this story here or watch Resistance below.

Episode 3: How important is art in times of conflict?

Mohamed Jabaly, a Palestinian filmmaker and artist from Gaza, currently based in Norway, and Alistair Alexander, a director of publishing and production from London meet for the first time in Barcelona to discuss the role of art in society, especially in times of conflict, as a form of resistance and social activism.

Read more about this story here or watch Invisible Borders below.

Episode 4: Can dancing lead to change?

Matthew Collin and Katarina Serulus conversation is focused on clubbing, and the effects of bringing it outside as a form of activism. Matthew told us the Bassiani story that happened in the beginning of 2018 in Georgia which showed the impact activism can have, even in a small country.

Read more about this story here or watch Politics of Dancing below.

Episode 5: How can common citizens take back public space?

We travelled to Thessaloniki in Greece during Reworks festival to meet John Patelias and Nikos Kalligas, both Thessaloniki natives. The claim for open space is the most important form of activism in the city. Starting from this point, John, an urban illustrator, and Nikos, an urban planner, share their ideas on cultural activism, and how their work has impact in their city.

Read more about this story here or watch Beyond the Walls below.

Episode 6: How important is the night culture for cities?

Ella Overkleeft and Sama Abdulhadi conversation wanders around the night time and the idea of representativeness and participatory decisions from the citizens, as the night can provide the perfect context to change mindsets.

Read more about this story here or watch Notes from the Underground below.

Episode 7: What makes a culture?

Aslak Holmberg and Srećko Horvat conversation is focused around the idea of nomadism and identity. What makes a culture? This is the question that triggers a discussion about the importance of overpassing boundaries.

Read more about this story here or watch Northern Light below.


foto by Alvaro Campos

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