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A visit to ten design studios based in Portugal and Brazil

A series featuring ten design studios from Portugal and Brazil, talking about how their working process changed with the emergence of new technologies

in collaboration with Shutterstock

Sometimes a project starts with a blank sheet and a few drawings. Other times, an old object found on the street sparkles the idea. Sometimes it ends in a book full of pages one can thumb through, or it can be a couple of moving graphic elements at the beginning of a video. Graphic design has many shapes and each creative mind is driven in distinct ways.

The path between analog and digital, considering the human hands in the middle of it, is the theme explored by each designer featured in this series Analógico Humano Digital. Shot in 2015 between Portugal and Brazil, this is the result of a partnership between Canal180 and Shutterstock.

In a studio, we can do something multidisciplinary. If we put together a photo and a mockup, we do it for real, we don’t do it in a computer.

- Estúdio PUM


Every poster as, in fact, any art creation, has a story to be told, or at least that’s the idea that Atelier D'Alves has shared with us. Their philosophy of work is based on enclosure within the sense of discomfort, taking the most out of constant changes and challenges. Dimitri Lima from Dmtr.org considers himself neither a super programmer nor a super artist but fleeing in between is what he finds himself the most in, working with computer programming, drawing and digital animation.

As for R2 Design, their work with image is highly influenced by photocopies, decal, distortions in photography and video. Likewise, Epiforma consider they come from a generation that is not fully detached from analog ways of working, as VHS cameras or blank pages of a notebook, and so they try to use this interrelation of analog and digital to the fullest.

Bolos Quentes remind us of the importance that exploring different directions has in creating new and interesting things when we less expect it. DSType Foundry introduces us to the world of typography, notions and importance of such elements as type and type face in graphic design. This is Pacifica engage their clients with strategy and consulting they provide during the projects. However, fun is also guaranteed, as they play with letters, giving them unexpected shapes and forms.

Silvadesigners presents itself as a studio with great humor where one works with “graphic energy”. In fact, it is not about doing what clients want, but helping them to create and develop ideas. Work, developed in a design studio, is a shared work and Non Verbal is an example of it. Ideas evolve, travel around people's minds, and this, along with the fusion of old school and modern technologies, can only bring even more inspiring results to the table.



Atelier D’Alves is the natural culmination of a journey that started in 2009, when Sérgio Alves began working independently with a diverse range of clients.

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Born in Brasil, Dimitre Lima (Dmtr.org) is a multifaceted graphic designer who works with music, computer programming, websites, drawing, engraving and digital animation.

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Created in 1995 by Lizá Defossez Ramalho and Artur Rebelo, R2 is a design studio located in Porto.

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Epiforma is a multidisciplinary studio based in Porto. They use design as a method of building engaging experiences.

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The Bolos Quentes design studio develops a diverse range of work, from cultural and artistic pieces to projects for large-scale institutions.

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DSType is a multi-award winning type foundry with almost 20 years of experience that specialises in the design of typefaces for magazines, newspapers, corporations and cultural institutions worldwide.

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Pacifica is an independent graphic design studio that brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every new project and offers a scope of capabilities that includes editorial, exhibition, signage, websites, motion, and brand identity systems.

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Silvadesigners creates design projects, books, magazines and newspapers. They use humour, typography (both retro and handmade), day-to-day references and technology.

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People used to know them as Atelier Martino&Jaña. They work with jazz posters, multi-faceted books, and the fascination for visual systems and typography, which means they are a team with a vastly experience in multidisciplinary design projects.

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