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A one film tryptic based on three of the participants of What Else Europe

in collaboration with What Else Europe

What Else Europe began in 2015, and sparked from the idea of gathering all kinds of creatives from all over Europe to inspire each other, create together, network and promote the idea of unity. It takes place once a year, rotating between different European cities.

In a documentary shot during the 2017 edition in Antwerp narrated by Thomas Mandl (founder of the project), each of three interviewed participants talk about their perspective on Europe, their creative experience working and living in Europe, and their involvement with What Else Europe.

“I think it’s more than ever important to think about a new flag for Europe. And with a new flag for Europe, a new identity for Europe.”

- Thomas Mandl


We started with the idea of flag and its typical vertical composition to tell an audiovisual narrative based on three of the participants in What Else Antwerp.

The three narratives developed in parallel, and each one of them take the main role in its time, with its actor giving voice to the video answering a set of questions. Meanwhile, the remaining two narratives are developed from the visual point of view and do not interfere in the perception of the dialogue that is being presented.


Mary Kibirige, Stockholm (Sweden)

Mary started a network called EMPWRGRP, which is about investing in black women in their leadership roles.

She says about What Else Europe: “Creative people (such as people that have done this for a long time but also people like me that just started) connect with different ideas and projects in a way, and just get to know other people's cultures and see what they have done.”


Oliver Tippl, Munich (Germany)

Oliver is a creative and art director and publishes his own magazine called Wunder (the german word for miracle). The magazine is all about humans which he sees as miracles.

Oliver defends that being part of the European Union is something we should be proud of. “With the EU we are part of something and I think people can be proud of that. (...) We have really strong people and also strong creatives, so I think we can just be proud to be part of the EU and we have to stick to that and try to be open minded to other cultures and countries and to other people in general.”


Kasia Dorda, Warsaw (Poland)

Kasia is a landscape architect, producer, manager and sometimes creative director.

“The whole project What Else Europe stands for everything that I believe in, so in uniting people that have very different backgrounds but they somehow believe in the same thing.”

All of the people coming to What Else Europe, it doesn’t matter if they are artists or participants, they have in common that they are creating, they have found a medium and how to express themselves and that they started already expressing themselves.

- Thomas Mandl


foto by Alvaro Campos

This film premiered on April 2018 in Festival Política (Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon).

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