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How can visual arts offer new alternatives?

Giving sight to different ways of creating with photography in Unbound 2022

How can visual arts offer new alternatives?

This was the second time we traveled to Amsterdam to see which photography is being presented now at the various galleries around the world displayed at Unseen Fair. For the second time as well, a new section - Unbound - gave place to those works that go beyond photography itself, that explore new concepts, mixing different media such as painting, sculpture, video, 3D, Virtual Reality. Unbound explores the outer limits of the photographic universe.

Damarice Amao, curator at the photography department of the Musée Nationale d'art moderne/Centre Pompidou, was the curator for this year's Unbound. The theme that headed this edition was "Alternative Realities", with the purpose of the chosen works “reflect assertive approaches, demanding reflection on images and their impact", said Damarice Amao. In this way, an active role is given to the viewer, making them an element in these alternative realities created by the artists.

“A lot of young photographers are exploring form in photography. They've either gone back to traditional methods or incorporated photography in sculpture, but more recently that search for form has gone into bigger and bigger sizes.” 

— Unseen’s director Roderick van der Lee

"Alternative Realities” offers the work’s perspective of the very distinctive artists Jaya Pelupessy, Neoza Goffin, Marcin Dudek, Jaehun Park and Poulomi Basu. According to Damarice, these projects question the construction of the image in a digital age, others are guided by intimate and autobiographical subtexts and there is also room for installations that invite the viewer to be part of the narrative.


How can visual arts offer new alternatives?


Jaya Pelupessy is a dutch photographer that investigates the medium’s status. Central to his work are the processes that lead to autonomous images; an examination of to what extent the process itself and the visibility of that process strengthens, invalidates, or delivers new autonomous images.


Neoza Goffin is  an interdisciplinary healing artist that explores how the fusion of touch-based rituals and art can be used for psychological transformation. Touch-based practices tap into subtle layers of sexual energy through exercises with touch.

How can visual arts offer new alternatives?
How can visual arts offer new alternatives?


Marcin Dudek is an artist who creates performances, installations, objects, and collages. He was born in 1979 and lives and works in Brussels and Kraków. In his artistic practice, he mostly creates situations based on a confrontation between the world of violence and the world of art.


Jaehun Park is Digital-Sculptor, Animator, Simulator. He utilizes three-dimensional computer graphic animation to reveal fabricated reality in the virtual space. He creates a realistic but fabricated cinematograph in virtual 3D space. And he connects this capitalistic structures to Post-Apocalyptic landscape and hell scenery surrounded by heavenly joyful-painful objects. 

How can visual arts offer new alternatives?
How can visual arts offer new alternatives?


Poulomi Basu is an Indian transmedia artist, photographer and activist. Her name sounds like ‘follow me’ with a ‘P’. Poulomi’s work has become widely known for advocating for the rights of women.

This is a partnership between Unbound, Canal180 and British Journal of Photography.
Read more about the first edition of Unbound here.

This article was written by Carolina Ribeiro featuring Alternative Realities edited by Carolina Ribeiro, produced by Nicole Gonçalves,

filmed by Bauti Godoy, Carolina Ribeiro and Nicole Gonçalves and with graphics by João Parra.
Alternative Realities was produced  in collaboration with Unseen's new section Unbound and British Journal of Photography.

Special thanks to Roderick van der Lee. Published on November 2022.

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How can visual arts offer new alternatives?

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