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How Porto's relation to music helps it host Primavera Sound festival

A series of episodes about Porto, its local music scene and artistic expressions

in collaboration with NOS Primavera Sound

Primavera Soundcheck aims to talk about NOS Primavera Sound, yet not inside the festival. The center of attention will be Porto - the city where it takes place. You ask why? We think there must be something about it, otherwise, why would Porto be chosen to host such an important festival as Primavera Sound? Having this in mind, we’ve decided to speak with local figures from music and art, and discover a bit more about some certain themes. That’s why each episode will explore a specific topic, guided by the musician Nuno Rodrigues (Duquesa, Glockenwise).

Episode 1: Degrees of separation

First episode is about Porto not being a huge city, which makes it easier for people to meet each other and for different artistic expressions to communicate. The concepts of scale and probability are hence explored in this debut episode.

Episode 2: We are the Robots

Does it still make sense to put music artists inside little boxes of genres? That's the starting point for a discussion in this episode. Wondering if it’s still how people listen to music, the series' host proposes himself to discover more about electronic music, a universe he is not so familiar with.

Episode 3: Do It Yourself

Music and images are deeply connected. People create music from the images that appear in their heads. We picture stuff while listening to music. That same music is projected in images, whether it is in videos, album covers, or posters… So how is the identity of an artist transformed into images?

Episode 4: An Unrepeatable Opportunity

Primavera Soundcheck peaks in with an episode about the act of performance. Some are more fans of a controlled studio record. For others, art is meaningful when shared, and even more when seen live, as the intensity of a performance is feeded by the audience’s interaction. So where and how does the magic really happen?

Canal180 gives insight on social topics by amplifying creative independent new voices.

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