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How will the future(s) of the Internet(s) be?

A conversation with Xiaowei Wang, Willa Köerner and Rasheedah Phillips

in collaboration with IAM

We went to IAM Weekend last March in Barcelona for the meeting of creative thinkers and leading organisations who care about the future of the Internet(s). The festival raised a question: How can we decelerate, decolonise, debrief the coevolution of the internet(s)'s digital technologies and societies? And we felt we should gather a series of thoughts on the subject. After all, how will the future(s) of the internet(s) be?



Xiaowei Wang


Willa Köerner


Rasheedah Phillips

Xiaowei Wang, Willa Köerner and Rasheedah Phillips are three women whose ideas intersect on the way they view the technological future. Xiaowei, engineer & designer, is the creative director at Logic Magazine, a print journal about technology and culture. She talked to us about the future of conversation, and how we can use the internet to build an online community. As the Logic Magazine manifesto says “We deserve a better conversation.” Willa Köerner is the Creative Content Director at The Creative Independent, a resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. Willa reflects on people's relationship with the internet and on how we can make it more mindful. Rasheedah Phillips is the Co-founder of the Black Quantum Futurism Collective in Philadelphia, and a founding member of Metropolarity Queer Scifi Collective. Rasheedah shared with us her thoughts on the future, and how our perceptions of time and access to our past have an influence on it.

There is a different internet for everyone.

- Xiaowei Wang


foto by Alvaro Campos

The future is not set in quantum physics, the future is not predetermined, the future is variable, the future is non binary, and so we must pluralize it because it is plural and everybody has their own future, communities have their own future.

- Rasheedah Phillips


foto by Alvaro Campos

If we don’t reconsider the way we’re using the internet, we risk letting it control us and letting it take advantage of us completely.

- Willa Köerner

Do the tools we have fit the complexity of human communication? How will the future of communication be? What happens when information gets decentralised? How can we improve our relationship with the internet? What can we do to make our experience more mindful? Is a shared future an illusion? How will the future(s) of the internet(s) be? Xiaowei, Willa and Rasheedah tells us their points of view on the relationship between humans, the internet and the future.

This is the third chapter of our collection of films called “Thoughts on”, where we give a platform to independent artists and researchers to express their ideas on specific themes. Read our article about Thoughts on Collectivism and about Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence.

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