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Music thrives and empowers the thought of togetherness, all the while providing a place to find a connection within oneself or with others. Over a 10-year run, music gave Canal180 a room of possibilities.

From the new democratization of technology and the access of all kinds of cameras to live performances, to having exclusive access to festival backstages to film a perspective that is hardly seen by the general public. Many were the occasions in which we recorded unique moments with artists we admire, and others we didn't know until then.

The collaborative process has always been the core of Canal180's identity, and music the most direct way to make it real, either through websites like Pitchfork or by partnering with various festivals all over the world. Director ID is one of the results of these collaborations, resulting in portraits of a generation of filmmakers, profiling the best directors working in music videos today. Not only online, but also in real life, we saw music coming to us. We opened the door to Canal180’s office, and kept it open to keep the conversation going among musicians who had never met, even when it was not possible to do so in real life. On the way, we crossed the Atlantic, stopped in the middle of it, and ran across Europe.

Music always led us to discover new things, meet new people and share the passion with our audience. It’s time to celebrate 10 years of music.

Representing the Underrepresented

In November 2018, we went to the 12th edition of Le Guess Who? whose bottom line was to highlight music that crosses borders all over the planet. “Who is a headliner? Everyone has his personal headliner and I think that’s what music should be”, says Bob Van Heur, co-founder of the festival. And that makes us reflect on what role a music festival should play nowadays. It should be a place for discovery where viewers can expand their horizons and their vision of the world, a counter-current stance to a panorama increasingly dominated by algorithms and information bubbles that are centered in individual interests.

Read more about this story here or watch Representing the Underrepresented below.

Pitchfork Midwinter

Historical paintings met contemporary music in Chicago, during Midwinter. Set in the Art Institute of Chicago, the works of Vincent Van Gogh, even if only with one ear, were able to listen to the very distinct sounds from Sudan Archives to Kamasi Washington, Yves Tumor to Deerhunter, Slowdive, Tortoise or JPEGMafia, just to name a few. This film is the result of a chat with Elia Einchorn, Pitchfork Radio curator, in which Elia describes what makes Midwinter so musically rich and unique, and why the Chicago music scene has blossomed like it did.

Read more about this story here or watch Pitchfork Midwinter below.

Fear and Loathing and Party in Las Ponta Delgada

A deep dive into a unique music festival in the middle of the Atlantic. Through a trip of the beautiful landscapes, sound and scenery of Azores in the middle of the Atlantic, this documentary plunges everyone into the Tremor experience, and gives a glimpse at some of the moments of joy, contemplation and community that make the festival so unique.

Read more about this story here or watch Fear and Loathing and Party in Las Ponta Delgada below.

Driving Without License

It started with the distribution of invitations to visitors of Optimus Primavera Sound 2013, challenging them to submit their videos. With the collaboration of many perspectives from the audience, Driving Without License is an open source documentary, centered on an event that goes beyond the universe of music. Hundreds of entries were received and many of them entered the 25-minute documentary, which includes live music, interviews and unpublished images of some of the best moments of the festival. With interviews with Dan Deacon, Dead Can Dance and Explosions in the Sky, amongst many others and live performances by bands like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Blur and Melody's Echo Chamber, to name a few.

Know more about this story by watching the video Driving Without License below.

Director ID

Director ID portrays a generation of music video filmmakers. The series is a guided tour of their creative world through the ideas and difficulties associated with the production of music videos. Starting as part of the 180 ID series, Director ID assumed its place as a spin off in a new partnership between Canal180 and Pitchfork, creating a space for young directors in the industry of music video filmmaking. In each episode, we invite directors to be a part of the process in a creative collaboration where the director has full control over how they choose to record their interview. The result is always different and unexpected. Each episode is an expression of individuality and the whole series a document of a generation of filmmakers in the digital age.  

Read more about this story here and watch the trailer for the 2nd season of Director ID below.

Long Way From Home

A documentary about the ones that year after year gather in the village of Paredes de Coura to attend one of the oldest Portuguese music festivals. Long Way From Home (How Did We Get Here?) is a short documentary film, shot during the 25th edition of Paredes de Coura. It is a poetry of everyday life, a truthful portrait of all the peculiar rituals at one of the most emblematic music festivals in Portugal. Whether it is the long climb to the venue and village, reading some poetry by the river or dancing the night out in the camping zone - all these moments transform a bunch of strangers into a crowd of familiar faces as year after year they come to share this experience.

Read more about this story here or watch Long Way from Home below.

Festivals' Line-up

Primavera Sound changed the paradigm of how festivals announce their line-up. The status quo was to extend the announcement of the different artists and bands as much as possible, forcing an occupation of the media space. Primavera Sound's intention was to do the opposite - to create a single moment where all the line-up was unveiled. That's where Canal180 jumped in, creating different moments of communication, using video and the different communication tools (from animation to social media) making these moments meaningful for people.

Festivals' Aftermovies

The purpose of any festival aftermovie is to gather the memories of those who enjoyed the festival. To show those who didn't go why they should have gone and why they can't miss the next edition. Through having privileged access to the other side of the festivals and a great proximity with the musical universe, Canal180 has always tried to capture the essence of the festivals through Aftermovies that will go down in history.

Recording Records — What's playing at my house?

In a year where we got used to listen to music indoors, we took the recorder to Matéria Prima to listen to what records are playing there during the Record Store Day. The day that intends to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record stores, brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world. From Ethiopian Instrumental Hits to the words of the activist Barbara Dane, these are the sounds of the Record Store Day, at Matéria Prima.

Know more about this story by watching the video Recording Records below.

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