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Recording music outside the studio

A documentary series about the creative music process in unconventional places

in collaboration with Lovers & Lollypops

In times of isolation and loneliness, the importance of music remains untouched. Music thrives and empowers the thought of togetherness, all the while providing a place to find a connection within oneself or with others. However, the rules of where to make music turned upside down and artists found new ways to express their art.

How is music and sound formed and recorded without the bonds of a working established studio? Tabula Rasa sets sail to challenge the fine lines of music creation process. A collaboration with Lovers & Lollypops, Tabula Rasa, directed by Luís Sobreiro, follows different artists who dare to walk away from the traditional studio context and defy the norms to record their music in unexpected locations.

The first season is divided into four episodes, each one about an individual or collective artist and it was recorded between 2019 and 2020. This season features Filho da Mãe, Solar Corona, CZN and Ece Canli.

The journey begins in Várzea do Douro, at Rui’s isolated cabin. Around, all you can see is the free nature and the green trees bathing in Douro’s river water. An all-quiet place if it weren’t for the rehearsal of the new Filho da Mãe’s song, “Manta”. "For me, life and music are not always positive. In music, we don't really talk about that because when a musician feels like that, they are called prima donna or are just making a scene”, explains guitar player Rui Carvalho. 

EP1 — Filho da Mãe

Your environment is different when you stop to have a smoke, you see that impossible view.

— Rui Carvalho, Filho da Mãe

Next, we visited José Arantes’s improvised home studio in Creixomil, where the recording of a spontaneous rock album was born. Teaming up with the band Solar Corona, they all lived together inside José's house for the duration of the recordings.

EP2 — Solar Corona

This tension makes it more humane.

— José Roberto Gomes

In December of 2019, João Pedro Pais, Valentina Magaletti (CZN) and Leon Marks joined talents to compose a percussion record named “Commutador”. Inside João’s workshop, a studio arose between the drums, sticks and gongs.


If you challenge yourself enough you can do wonderful things with different environments, non-controlled rooms. Especially this place. It gives personality. Somehow for percussion it works wonderfully.

— João Pais Filipe

Fast-forwarding to the year 2020, the adventure comes to an end to the sound of Ece Canli’s voice. The debut solo album “Vox Flora, Vox Fauna” flourished inside an empty echoing warehouse.

EP4 — Ece Canli

I’ve been enchanted with this idea of what kind of places can our human mind go.

— Ece Canli

This article was written by Nicole Gonçalves,

featuring the episodes of Tabula Rasa directed by Luís Sobreiro.

Proofreading and translation of the video and this article by Eva Magro.

This series is a collaboration between Lovers & Lollypops and Canal180.

Published on March 18th 2021.

Canal180 gives insight on social topics by amplifying creative independent new voices.

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