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The Year in Review 2019
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The Year in Review 2019

Our picks on the best music, films and music videos of the year


For the past month, we have been looking into the future and gathering Thoughts On The Next Decade. But the year reaching its end is as much a reason to look forward as it is to look back, and so, we reflected on the things that inspire us most this year to pick what we think are the best music, films and music videos of the year.

What was on top of your Spotify Wrapped this year? What were the most incredible music videos you’ve watched? How often did you go to the cinema? And what surprised you the most? We asked ourselves the same things and selected 10 music videos, 20 albums and 15 films that we think are the best of 2019, which we compiled into 3 different videos.

Watch it all.



Check out our best of the year playlist 👀


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