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Let us tell you how our tv channel works


How our TV channel works
A week of creativity, knowledge, networking, curiosity and fun.
The Importance of Collaborations
A traineeship call for young professionals

In depth articles and films that delve into social topics by amplifying independent new voices

What sound comes from a movement?
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
How new generations of photographers are constructing their images
Taking a documentary series into an underground exhibition
Reality as a form of expression
How is art reacting to a post-pandemic world?
The Year in Review 2021

Our picks on the best music, films and other formats of the year


A year has passed since the Roarin' 20s from the 21st century, and we couldn't come to an end without highlighting which songs, films, and contents have inspired us the most.

To the usual top 10 of films and music albums, this year we added a new category:

Other Formats — where we showcase other types of content from creators that caught our attention for their originality and diversity. Whether they are instagram pages, short films, music videos or essays, these were the contents that surprised us the most.

Check them all out.



Some of the best albums of the year in this playlist 👇


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