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Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
How new generations of photographers are constructing their images
How new generations of photographers are constructing their images

The Unexposed: a new season reflecting on the constructed image

How new generations of photographers are constructing their images





The Unexposed started with a question: can young people have control over their own narrative? Four international photographers answered the challenge in a series premiering in 2019, in partnership with the British photography platform Negative Feedback

"The constructed image" was the motto for the second season of The Unexposed, featuring young artists whose work is not only limited to the photographic representation of a reality imposed on them, working imagistically from universes created, altered or subverted by themselves.


Anabela Pinto is a Portuguese artist and photographer living in London.
 Her practice reflects an interest in the relationship between people and technologies, consumer culture and desire, and its subsequent effect on the aesthetics of our daily living surroundings.


Devin Blaskovich is a visual artist working between Southern California and New York City. While active commercially in the editorial & still life space, his main focus is in the development of longer form book/exhibition projects that interact with cultural representation and the new visual potential provided by combining traditional photographic methods with contemporary subject matter.


Starry Kong is a Melbourne-based visual artist who was born in Kunming, China. Starry is interested in the intangible and inexpressible sentiments that are characteristic to humankind. She explores this phenomenon through her own experiences of loss, grief, alienation and her long-term mental illness, which has become the foundation and origin of her creative practice.


Laura Chen is a Dutch image maker and writer based in London, UK. Working within the fields of photography, mixed-media and found or archival material, her multidisciplinary practice associates a fine art and documentary approach where research, implementation and intervention are closely intertwined.

You can watch the first season of The Unexposed, with artists Maria Baoli, Cian Oba-Smith, Alec Castillo and Jetro Emilcar here. Learn more about the 2022 exhibition of The Unexposed here.

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How new generations of photographers are constructing their images

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