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What are the rituals behind a music festival?

A documentary about the ones that year after year gather in the village of Paredes de Coura to attend one of the oldest Portuguese music festivals

in collaboration with Vodafone Paredes de Coura

Think of a music festival. Thousands of people sharing a camping site as their temporary home for a week, running towards the different stages, trying not to miss their favourite shows, singing and dancing until that last chord. Many festivals may have come to your mind, but what if we say that this is a special one, composed of unique traditions and rituals? What are the stories behind them?

Long Way From Home (How Did We Get Here?) is a short documentary film, shot during the 25th edition of Paredes de Coura. It is a poetry of everyday life, a truthful portrait of all the peculiar rituals at one of the most emblematic music festivals in Portugal. Whether it is the long climb to the venue and village, reading some poetry by the river or dancing the night out in the camping zone - all these moments transform a bunch of strangers into a crowd of familiar faces as year after year they come to share this experience.


foto by Alvaro Campos

This film premiered on Nov. 28. 2017 at Porto/Post/Doc on the Transmission/Cinema Falado programme.


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