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A conversation with 5 magazine editors in Barcelona

in collaboration with Internet Age Media

In a time when newspapers are moving to the internet, and paper is becoming less and less used, the market for independent publications is rising. Even if only for niches. These publications, usually focused on creative matters, show perspectives that tend to be different from commercial magazines.

We flew to Barcelona, during IAM Weekend 16 to get to know the people behind Recens Paper, Intern Magazine, Freunde von Freunden, PERDIZ Magazine, and étapes: in order to figure out where the Future of Niche Publications lies. The result is a five-episode series on magazines, which you can watch below.

IAM Weekend is an annual event that explores different perspectives regarding the post-technological future of all things.

Issue #1 Recens Paper

Elise By Olsen and two friends she met online came to the conclusion that there were no inspiring youth culture magazines out there. They decided to make one themselves, and that's how Recens Paper was born. Elise has since been Editor-in-chief of Recens, but as soon as she turned 18 she decided to resign from her position, as felt she was no longer at an age where she could speak for "young" people.


The youth is creating the future. We are the ones that are going to create the society. We are raising each other. That’s also why it’s very important to implement the value of the physical product again. We are the game changers.

- Elise By Olsen, Editor-in-Chief

Issue #2 Intern Magazine


I’ve done a couple of internships myself and I was really fascinated with the culture and the sheer amount of people that I met who were interns. So I wanted to create something that would take them from the backstage and put them all the way on the front page.

- Alec Dudson, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Intern Magazine


Issue #3 Freunde von Freunden

Translated to English, Freunde von Freunden​ means Friends of Friends, and as its managing director Frederik Frede explains, the magazine is a mini Facebook of sorts, where people get introduced to other people, and potential friends.

We really focused from the beginning on telling stories from creative people who have an inspiring background, who can tell some really interesting things from their life. We don’t really care much about if it's analog or digital, we just want to create good content with friends.

- Frederik Frede, Co-funder and Managing director of Freunde von Freunden

Issue #4 PERDIZ Magazine

The name of the magazine came from the saying “Feliz como una perdiz” which, translated to English means something like "happy as a lark". As Editor-in-chief Marta Puigdemasa explains, the magazine intends to show different people's ways of being happy.


I think that before, most people didn’t know about this kind of magazines, and now more and more people are buying them.

- Marta Puigdemasa, Editor-in-chief of PERDIZ Magazine

Issue #5 étapes:


We try to talk about creation and image culture around the world.

- Isabelle Lesur, Editor-in-chief of étapes:

Follow this link to read Internet Age Media take on this topic and know how niche publications are on their way to redefine the future of publishing.

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