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Digital artists discuss their work and motivations at the Montjüic gardens

in collaboration with Sónar Festival

Is new technology a breath of fresh air for imagination? Programming, software and creativity: where do they stand? - these questions served as a motto for the beginning of this series shot during Sónar 2017 in Barcelona.

In the context of Sónar+D 2017, we decided to talk to some of the invited artists about their work and motivations, reflecting on the future and where it will take us. In fact, the future is something tricky to predict or even reflect on and it was funny to see how some of the artists would prefer to flee the question.

Keep on scrolling and get to know the ideas of Darius Kazemi, Sean Caruso, Nonotak, Memo Akten, Tarik Barri and Boris Chimp 504 - they were all interviewed during very hot days at the Montjuic Gardens (Barcelona).

Conversations under the motto "The Future is Now"

Most of the artists interviewed pointed out that emerging technology is inevitable for art just like any other tool that was invented and was preponderant at some time, like pencils or brushes. Artists adapt to new inventions and get a chance of letting themselves be inspired by them.

Whenever people ask me questions about the future I always think that if I knew what the future is going to be like or had any ideas I wouldn't be here. I would be out trying to create that future.

- Darius Kazemi




DARIUS KAZEMI, an Internet artist, gives us some insight into the relationship between creativity and technology. He claims that computers can “think” in ways that people can’t, so it pushes our creativity to another level and can result in some out of the ordinary ideas.

Watch the full episode.


SEAN CARUSO talks about the dome space and his work in the immersion department with 360 image and sound performance. It is a shared participatory experience, open for experimentation, in contrast with people's unique perception of their own surroundings.
Watch the full episode.


Through art installations and performances, Paris-based studio NONOTAK explores space, light and sound. Mapping was their starting point for learning notions about layers and points, which became an important foundation for further explorations and aiming for bigger projects.
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MEMO AKTEN portrays the Internet as a means for a better perception of the world and for reflection. He believes our deities have evolved to become digital deities - church used to be the prevalent of art and culture but now companies like Google or Facebook are moving into that space.

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Through programming, TARIK BARRI creates a virtual world that challenges common perceptions of sound and visuals. He explores audio visual music, and abstract storytelling, providing the audience with a sort of metaphorical “hanger” for their emotions.

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Portuguese duo BORIS CHIMP 504 bring together sound and image, creating audio-visual storytelling. They agree that since machines were created by humans, we can’t really talk about their incompatibility with us, and that having new tools to operate can only bring better results.

Watch the full episode.

Emerging technology is inevitable for art just like any other tool that was invented and was preponderant at some time, like pencils or brushes. Artists adapt to new inventions and have the chance to become inspired by these new emerging tools.

Canal180 gives insight on social topics by amplifying creative independent new voices.

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