9:16 is a vertical, digital gallery displaying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right here in our space in Bombarda. Throughout 2024, we will be showcasing the work of various artists from various disciplines of video and digital art and finally bringing media arts to one of the most creatively dynamic neighbourhoods in Porto.

Open call



Video art, digital art, animation, stopmotion, glitch art, etc.

90 seconds long.

Reflecting on the intersection of the house as a space and the concept of freedom.

Deadline: April 15th 2024

The “house” is a symbol broader than simply four walls and a roof; it is a sanctuary, a stage of everyday life, a place of intimacy and memory. It represents a fundamental human right and holds a deep emotional connection with those who inhabit it. Over time, our perceptions and experiences of house as a concept have evolved, shaped by our interactions with it and our environment.

A house is a space in which we are free to express ourselves, to be who we are, to live as we see fit. But it can also be the opposite of this ideal due to various economic, social and personal circumstances.

For our 13th anniversary, also taking place on April 25th, we want to invite the creative community around us to reflect on the intersection between the House as a space and the idea of freedom, community, and safety.

To this end, we are calling for submissions from media, digital and video artists of any kind for works that lean over these topics, whether original or pre-existing.

Where do you feel free? What makes a house a safe space?

Selected works from this open-call will be shown on April 25th, on 9:16, our portal to media arts in the Bombarda arts district.


5 submissions will be selected to be showcased on 9:16 and also featured on our Instagram page and website in the form of a short interview about the submitted work.

One of the winning submissions will be awarded a prize of 500€, this prize however can be split between two works.


Deadline: April 15th 2024

Submitted videos should be 90 seconds long (this is not a hard limit), and formatted with an aspect ratio of 9x16, with minimum dimensions of 1080px width, to 1920px height.

Due to the nature of the 9:16 platform, video submissions shouldn’t rely on sound, as the works will be exhibited towards the street.

Submissions should be sent via Google Drive link (or another file sharing site with no time limit for download), along with a short text describing the work to with the subject: "OPEN CALL - Your Name"

The selection will be made internally by our curatorial team.

Now Screening:

"Documento Territorial"



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