Tala Schlossberg

Tala is a Brooklyn-based animator, illustrator and video producer, even though she told us none of these three things truly encapsulate what she does.

In her animations, she experiments with various analogue techniques, creating unique, striking animations with charming handcraft. Some of them begin with a series of photographs which she then paints over to create colourful stop motion compositions, other times she cuts out images and drawings, photographing them over different backgrounds, among other techniques

“I think that’s why I really love animation. It’s a kind of world building, or way to take inspiration from reality and then create a new reality.

I like the boundlessness of it and the fact that I can think of anything in my head and I have the power with my own two hands and all of the supplies in my space to just be able to make it.

And there’s such a freedom in that to be able to really have autonomy over your inspiration and creating the world that excites you.”


9:16 is a vertical, digital gallery displaying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right here in our space in Bombarda. Throughout 2024, we will be showcasing the work of various artists from various disciplines of video and digital art and finally bringing media arts to one of the most creatively dynamic neighbourhoods in Porto.


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