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How our TV channel works
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Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
How new generations of photographers are constructing their images
The directors behind the best music videos are back

Portraits of a generation of music video filmmakers

The directors behind the best music videos are back





Want some tips on how to make a great music video, or just want to learn about what's behind some of the best out there? Then you're in luck because Director ID profiles the best directors working in music videos today. Through 10-minute episodes, Director ID shows music video directors telling all about their process.


A trip to India was the starting point for Maxim Kelly to direct, shoot and edit his first music video for a friend's band. For Maxim, the concept is everything. The director searches for the essence of the music and the artist and develops the video from there. Kelly has directed music videos for The Murder Capital, Black Midi, among others.


Kasper Häggstrøm is a Norwegian director who has directed music videos for artists such as Radiohead or Kelly Lee Owens. His films are somewhere between comical short films and art pieces, in an approach that always tries to play with the viewer.

Director ID profiles the best directors working in music videos today

In each episode, we invite directors to be a part of the process in a creative collaboration where the director has full control over how they choose to record their interview. The result is always different and unexpected. Each episode is an expression of individuality and the whole series a document of a generation of filmmakers in the digital age.

The 1st part of season 3 features Kasper Häggstrøm, Maxim Kelly, Claes Nordwall and Adam Willis and there are more to come. Stay tuned for a new episode every Thursday.

Canal180 gives insight on social topics by amplifying creative independent new voices.

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