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In November 2020, Canal180 brought together people from around the globe to rethink new ways of telling stories. For one week, 180 Media Academy gave voice to professionals from diverse creative areas with a common goal — rethinking media formats and subjects.

More editorial than technical, the programme offered a transdisciplinary and wide-reaching perspective for the discussion of new themes, discourses and trends that are marking the world, and will continue to through the next decade. We were aware that the best ideas came from sharing perspectives, therefore, at a time of an increasing abundance of content, we decided to create an event that would give space to imagine the future of new digital content.

We are standing in the eye of a global change: a format revolution. New formats are being born, rising exponentially, and storytellers are turning the page on tradition narratives and reforming how the public views content. This, in a way, is not surprising. Artistic manifestations have been a consistent variant over the years, never failing to make a stand during unusual and uneasy times. So why is this time any different? 

Which trends have most impacted the online world? Is it becoming easier to tell stories nowadays? Which are the most culturally and socially active voices? How can we use this diverse media to raise awareness?


Thoughts On New Media Formats confronts four different themes, each one completed with diverse and unique opinions of speakers Ferran Avila, Thomas Gorton, Camila Cornelsen, Suzanne Tromp, Meghan Oretsky, Alejandra Smits and Amar Ediriwira. Firstly, we talk about the dissipation of boundaries, both physical and artistical. The expansion of what creativity is beyond what meets the eye and the endless search for content away from what we are used to find and, ultimately, leaving the culture bubble.

“I always saw myself alone”, says Camila Cornelsen. The inability to reach content from around the world can castrate how one feels about the creative process and what is and is not possible. It is essential to expand the mind and view what art is outside the comfort zone. New formats carry new content distribution challenges. More than ever, artists feel the need to have a broader capacity of adaptation to new coming media. The importance of loosening the grip on content gatekeeping is becoming clearer, as people are searching narratives with emphasis on current social issues.

You have to go out and find these stories to be able to show what creativity around the globe is all about.

— Suzanne Tromp, WePresent curator

Meghan Orestky, Vimeo’s curation staff member, dives deep into the necessity of having a platform where less known artists are given the opportunity to have their voice heard – “This is a reflection of what the world is”. Designer and musician, Ferran Avila, illustrates how artists are no longer just one thing, but rather multimedia characters because they “have to inhabit all these different media, in order to become relevant.”

The role of the youth on message spreading and on creating meaningful content is brought to the table. The traditional gates of narratives are being opened, letting free disruptive new storylines. “You have to listen to the kids”, states Thomas Gorton, director of Special Projects at Dazed Media. He believes kids have a greater perception of powerful messages and their link to big social issues. The state of content is shifting. Brand new opinions and perspectives are invading the content space and the process of getting used to consuming content in a different way.

180 Media Academy


Ferran Avila is a designer and musician based in Barcelona, currently part of the creative team at Primavera Sound and Vampire Studio. He focuses his practice in new media, experimenting with new formats and interdisciplinary processes.

180 Media Academy


Camila Cornelsen is a director, photographer and cinematographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has lensed two feature films, an HBO series, various commercials, music videos and documentaries. She has worked for major international brands such as NIKE, APPLE, GOOGLE, INSTAGRAM, VOGUE and NETFLIX.

180 Media Academy


Suzanne Tromp is the commissioning editor of WeTransfer’s content site WePresent. Suzanne also leads on diversity for WeTransfer’s content team, ensuring that WePresent is representative and highlights diverse voices and perspectives from all over the world.

180 Media Academy


Thomas Gorton is Digital Editor and Director of Special Projects at Dazed Media and one half of production duo God Colony.

180 Media Academy


Alejandra Smits is a writer, director and performer based in Barcelona. She experimented with narration - studying its nature and boundaries.

180 Media Academy


Jon Uriarte is a Spanish photographer and photography professor based in Barcelona and currently the curator of digital programmes at the Photographer’s Gallery in London.

180 Media Academy


Meghan Oretsky is a member of Vimeo's curation team, for which she watches and curates thousands of short films a year. She also created Ladies With Lenses, a collection of exceptional short films made by women and hosted screenings featuring some of those films at venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music, Museum of the Moving Image, and VICE.

180 Media Academy


Amar Ediriwira is the creative director of Boiler Room. He is also the founder and creative director of Boiler Room’s film platform 4:3 which was launched in 2018. Amar has curated events and given talks at galleries and festivals including V&A, Tate, Palais De Tokyo, ICA, CPH:DOX, Sheffield Doc Festival and SXSW.

180 Media Academy


Helen Job is the Head of Insight of TCO, the media owner behind youth culture brand Huck and film and entertainment magazine Little White Lies. She has worked in future forecasting for two decades, leading multi-disciplinary, global futures, and strategy teams for Flamingo, WGSN and MTV in New York and London.

180 Media Academy


Wouter Jansen, former head of film programming at the Oscar-qualifying Go Short Film Festival is now responsible for Sales & Festivals at Square Eyes - a sales and festival distribution agency which helps outstanding non-mainstream films find the audience and recognition they deserve.

180 Media Academy


Victor Moriyama is a Brazilian photojournalist based in São Paulo, covering South America and the Amazon rainforest for international press and NGOS, including regular contributions to The New York Times, Bloomberg, Le Monde, National Geographic Brazil and El País. He’s committed to documenting the processes of violence that prevail in social and environmental relations in Brazil.

This article was written by Maria Inês Moreira, Carolina Ribeiro and Nicole Gonçalves

featuring Thoughts on New Media Formats directed by Carolina Ribeiro, produced by Luís Fernandes and with graphics by João Parra.

Proofreading and translation of the video and this article by Eva Magro.

Published on February 2021.


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