HOUSE 2024

In 2024, we are delving into the multifaceted concept of the House, whether as an element of our day to day lives, as a space for creation, as a right, or as a memory.

This initiative transcends traditional boundaries, redefining and celebrating its diverse meanings across different cultures, societies, and creative disciplines.

In alignment with our mission to provide unexpected discoveries and singular perspectives from interdisciplinary talent, we will amplify voices exploring the House as a canvas for personal and collective narratives, enriching the global creative discourse.

Throughout the year we will feature a wide variety of documentaries, projects and artists, in order to unveil stories within the House that are both unexpected and impactful. Through collaboration with local and international partners and our rich tapestry of original content, we will further explore the meaning of the House from different perspectives, building on the extensive dialogue in art and culture about this symbol.

Simultaneously, we will also open up the doors to our own house and will offer a wide variety of events throughout the year. We plan to hold workshops, outdoor cinema and music sessions, talks, and a new edition of 180 Media Lab as well as a 180 Creative Lab comeback.

In addition from these occasional events our house is going to be visually open 24/7 through our new platform/format. We’re appropriating the vertical format of our handheld personal devices in our 9x16 gallery, a new screen where we’ll be exhibiting works made by various video artists, partially sourced through open calls that we plan to announce throughout the year.

Join us on this inspiring journey in 2024 where we can together rethink the House, and unravel its profound impacton on our collective consciousness.

things to expect this year:

180 creative lab

exploring the house as a space for creation,

at Aveiro Arts House, June.

Line-up coming soon.

summer program

opening our space to outdoor film screenings,

concerts and talks in our space.

9:16 GAllery

a new format, a new screen, a new platform.

opening January 11th

with works by Simone Brillarelli

180 media lab

a week of knowledge sharing

on surviving the cultural/creative industry

and reflecting on media.

open calls

coming this February and July.

attention video artists!


a new series exploring different ways of living in Portugal,
on a day to day, and political level


creating in collaboration with Lithuanian creatives.

new documentaries

a curation of documentaries reflecting

on the house from various perspectives.

director id
freezing frames
empire of light

new episodes every month.

and more.

180 Meets, bonus content, etc, etc


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