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Canal180 has dedicated itself to generate connections with talented thinkers and creators with diverse creative backgrounds by including them on its network, in order to identify themes and stimulate new speeches and languages.

There are no job vacancies at the moment.

We keep an ongoing open call for 3-month creative traineeships. Read on to learn if this could be something for you. 


A 3-month creative traineeship at Canal180

180 Talents emerges as a collaborative platform that seeks to bring up new talents, not only to respond to the growth needs of the Canal180 team, but also to provide opportunities for creation and work. This traineeship program is a call for young professionals for creative residencies lasting three months, providing relevant work experience within the editorial platform, TV channel and audiovisual industry. Tell us how you could collaborate with us.


On an all my experience at Canal180 was so incredible in every way, such an influential part on how I continued to approach my own personal projects and own creativity and how I continue with my interests. (...) It’s an open space for everyone to kind of have their voices heard and share their own ideas, for me it was so incredible to feel like a welcome part of the team even as an intern.


Louisa Olson

" (...) everything that I was doing there kind of felt new and inspiring, I was taking it all like a sponge to just learn as much as I can while being there. ”


Katarzyna Dorda


Ben Derico
Acacia Ojea
Katarzyna Dorda
Joaquin Mora
Ruben Monfort
Louisa Olson


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