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Let us tell you how our tv channel works


How our TV channel works
A week of creativity, knowledge, networking, curiosity and fun.
The Importance of Collaborations
A traineeship call for young professionals

In depth articles and films that delve into social topics by amplifying independent new voices

What sound comes from a movement?
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence
How new generations of photographers are constructing their images
Taking a documentary series into an underground exhibition
Reality as a form of expression
How is art reacting to a post-pandemic world?



Wolfram, A Saliva do Lobo, Joana Torgal e Rodolfo Pimenta

A curation of films exploring the experimental and hybrid fields of cinema.

Every Wednesday at 10:30pm, only on TV. 

A different director every month.


Minha Única Lua é na TerraSérgio Silva


Sink or Swim, Su Friedrich


Antônio Um Dois TrêsLeonardo Mouramateus


Cemetery, Carlos Casas


My Mexican Pretzel, Núria Gimenez


Sollers Point, Matthew Porterfield

Joana Torgal. Rodolfo Pimenta. Nelson Zina. Chloé Galibert-Laîne. Sophy Romvari. Leonardo Mouramateus. Carlos Casas. Núria Gimenez. Melisa Liebenthal. Lucio Castro. Sergio Silva. Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas. Matthew Porterfield. Valentina Alvarado Matos. Su Friedrich. Alina Marazzi. Lee Anne Schmitt. Deborah Stratman.

180, thewrongtv


Threatandcounterthreat, by Ian Keaveny


If 10 years ago it was mostly an act of provocation to bring the underground, DIY, independent, artist to the (already-declining) mass media platform of mainstream communication called television. Now, ten years after the democratization of all kinds of creative forms, it's time for a new radical new experiment, on TV.

The new collaboration between Canal180 and The Wrong is a game changer of our television programming. We felt that this is the time to take necessary steps to rethink Canal180's mission as a TV channel. What impact can we have today, in 2021, when the role of art for collective regeneration is almost unanimous?

When David Quiles Gilló, long time partner of 180, curator and founder of the digital art biennale The Wrong, proposed to transform the television experience of Canal180 into something new, that would try to occupy and transform the traditional media landscape with new ideas, that proposal seemed irrefutable to us. The goal is, according to David, to challenge the language and the frenetic rhythm of the conventional parameters of contemporary linear television and to build a new programming that offers the viewer “a more paused, generous, creative and inspiring experience”.

180, thewrongtv. How it works?

180, thewrongtv broadcast started on May 22nd 2021. The basic premise of the programming is a different artist for each day. Every Sunday a new artist will be presented and The Wrong programming will have 24 hours of broadcast. All other days (Monday through Saturday) will be filled with the pieces of a The Wrong artist with programming curated or produced by Canal180.




The only television channel in the world featuring music videos for an audience interested in new music.
Broadcasting a wide range of music sessions, from a bar in Alabama, We Have Signal to dj sets all over the world with Boiler Room. We’ve also partnered with Yours Truly and Red Bull Music Academy to feature films about the new music scenes.
Canal180 develops original content to provide insight on a new generation of music video directors, the DIRECTOR ID series. The series was developed as a partnership with Pitchfork, that also included the interview series, Entrevista.

- Dave Ma


Canal180 spotlights the roots of contemporary creativity by highlighting the thoughts and ideas of artists worldwide. From a series produced by international publishing house Gestalten, to the architecture world of ArchDaily, digital interview magazine Avant/Garde Diaries, the community of visual storytellers of The Creator Class or profiling Chilean visual artists in Gabinete.
The daily broadcast of Canal180 originals 180 Meets and MAG offer a glimpse of the network of artists we build over the year.

- Kendrick Lamar


Nowadays the increasing conformity of mainstream films creates a bland cinematic landscape. Short form was always seen as a source of a more experimental approach to filmmaking.

Over the years, Canal180 broadcasted the work of filmmakers, such as Mike Mills, Sean Dunne or Vincent Moon and highlighted young filmmakers, whose films featured in international film festivals, such as Venice, Berlin or Sundance.



Having this in mind, Canal180 always had a special place for the films that question societies pivotal topics. The body of work of director Andreas Johnsen, in films like Inside Outside or Good Copy Bad Copy, was an incredible starting point and offered a different point of view. Topics like the depiction of the life cycles of cities, in films like Atlanta From the Ashes or St. Louis Rises, or the micro societies within a city in The Tables and the discussion about The Future of Cities, offer a platform for alternative ideas about the urban landscape.
Delving into more actual topics like the refugee crisis in Welcome to Canada, Eyes of Exodus, making portraits of youth in Room For Change or Swindon, or taking the audience through the night of the US Presidential elections in Election Night, helps us create an identity based on an authentic point of view of young independent new voices.

Canal180 gives insight on social topics by amplifying creative independent new voices.

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