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Jogo Cruzado

in collaboration with

Gnration + Culturgest



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Jogo Cruzado
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence.


in collaboration with

Gnration + Culturgest


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Jogo Cruzado
Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence.

Canal180, Culturgest and gnration have joined forces to create Jogo Cruzado, a discipline invented to get to a place by merging two different art forms. Original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence will be shown on TV and online. The aim is to show how narratives influence each other and how artists continue the creative flow of other artists in a two-way collaboration.

The process is made in two ways: a short film by a visual artist was given to a musician to compose its soundtrack and, at the same time, a musical composition was given to a filmmaker to create its film.

5.1. Luís Sobreiro x Coby Sey

5.2. Mariana Dionísio & Leonor Arnaut x Felipe Rios Fuentes

4.1. Reuben Bastienne-Lewis' film for a musical composition by Julia Reidy

4.2. Soundtrack by Oliver Coates for a film by Wieslawa Ruta

Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

Born in 1995, Reuben grew up in South London with his Mother (Sara Leigh Lewis) who is a portrait photographer. Around 2011 Reuben got a camera of his own and began photographing his peers; going to gigs, festivals and parties, hanging out at the local skatepark and doing graffiti. He started doing commissioned portraits for local musicians and began to get his work published. He went to the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014 to study Fine Art Photography and further his practice. Bastienne-Lewis still lives currently in South London, not far from where he grew up, working as a photographer and videographer, working mostly in music, making portraits, music videos and short films.

Julia Reidy

The Australia-born guitarist, Julia Reidy, who later moved to Berlin, makes music for processed and acoustic instruments (mostly guitars). Their recent recorded work - brace, brace (Slip 2019,)  In Real Life (Black Truffle 2019), and Vanish (Editions Mego 2020) - can be described as a series of non-traditional song forms that combine unstable harmonic territories, rhythmic elasticity and abstract narrative over stretched, episodic forms. They performed at Tectonics Festival (SCT), Send/Receive Festival (CA), Mona Foma (AUS), Berlin Jazz Festival (DE), Angelica Festival (ITA), and Borderline Festival (GR).

Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates is a cellist, a composer for film and an electronic music producer. He plays the cello and is in demand throughout the UK and internationally. As a solo artist he has performed in China, Russia, Brazil and across Europe He is known for his collaborations with some of the leading musicians of our time in all genres. His awards include the Royal Philharmonic Society Young Artist Award 2011 and he is an Artist in Residence at Southbank Centre, London. In addition to solo sets and recitals for festivals around the world Oliver performs as a principal cellist with many of the UK's leading orchestras.

Wieslawa Ruta

Wiesława Ruta is a visual artist based in Poland. Strongly associated with the Polish independent music scene, hence her natural creative path as a visual artist is creating music videos for bands from Poland such as: Dynasonic, Lotto, and foreign such as Squid, Sofie Birch. Interested in experimenting with different film techniques and looking for common areas of film and music language and in the creative process itself, during creating tries to open the way to chance and error to get the results completely unpredictable by her. Her research in the field of film language is especially inspired by the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, especially the search for absolute film in Weimar Republic.

3.1. Ana Carvalho's film for a musical composition by Xexa.

3.2. Soundtrack by Ben Lamar Gay for a film by Sophie Clements

When you turn up the volume on that music and close your eyes, what do you see?

In these new crossings of Jogo Cruzado Ana Carvalho transforms the soul-stirring sounds of Xexa's music into a mesmerizing visual journey. She brings the notes to life through artful storytelling, crafting a short film that captures the essence and emotion of the music.

Music can take us to places, times, people, and activate our senses in a profound way with the simple combination of beats.

In a second moment, Ben LaMar Gay's carefully crafted composition weaves its way through the intricacies of Sophie Clements' installation, enhancing the overall experience. Every sound resonates, harmonizes, and amplifies the essence of Sophie Clements' artistic vision.


Xexa is a young Afrofuturist and multidisciplinary artist; she was born in Lisbon to parents from São Tomé and Príncipe. Drawing inspiration from Afrofuturism, XEXA's music reflects a rich tapestry of influences. As a producer, sound designer, and visual artist, she weaves together various elements to create immersive sonic experiences.

Ana Carvalho

Ana S. Carvalho is a young award-winning Portuguese filmmaker. With a distinct dreamy aesthetic, Ana's path in filmmaking started at the age of 16, leading her to recently receive her first award for her debut short film "(IN)QUIETUDE". Through breathtaking shots, Ana transports the audience to enchanting realms, leaving a lasting impact with emotive and ethereal narratives.

Ben LaMar Gay

Ben LaMar Gay is an artist, composer, and cornetist known for his boundary-pushing fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. Born in Chicago, his electro-acoustic collages draw inspiration from folkloric traditions. With collaborations alongside influential figures like Joshua Abrams and Bixiga 70, Ben's music explores the lineage of ideas and offers timeless themes that resonate worldwide. His debut album, "Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun" (International Anthem, 2018) solidified his place as a unique and captivating voice in the creative landscape, showcasing his ability to create immersive musical experiences that transcend genres.

Sophie Clements

Sophie Clements is a London-based video and installation artist. Through her work, she creates temporal sculptures that explore the transient nature of existence. Inspired by elemental forces, Sophie's work showcases the beauty found in unconventional materials. Her art has been exhibited internationally, including at The Barbican and The Royal Opera House. Sophie also serves as a visiting tutor and co-director of the MAP/making project, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

2.1. Jeanette Muñoz's film for a musical composition by Odete

2.2. Soundtrack by Matmos for a film by Dicky Bahto

We want to show how narratives influence others, how sounds and images are combined, how artists continue the creative flow of other artists in a collaboration made in two times, in total belief for the final result.

Along the way, we are confronted with a cross artistic game that challenges us to find our place as spectators within the process itself. What comes first, how do we separate images and sounds, which narrative prevails, how do we dive into the dramaturgy that magically joins the other two, is there really a first and second stage?

The second crossing happened in November 2022 creating two original audiovisual pieces — first, a film by Jeanette Muñoz for a soundtrack by Odete and then, a soundtrack by Matmos created for a film by Dicky Bahto.

Jeanette Muñoz

Born in Santiago de Chile, Jeannette Muñoz is an experimental filmmaker, working mostly with 16mm film. She studied visual arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile and currently lives between Santiago, Chile and Zurich, Switzerland. Her films have been shown in several festivals and galleries such as Centro de Bellas Artes Madrid, S8 Mostra de Cinema Perisférico, New York Film Festival, Rotterdam FF Spektrum, Images Film Festival Toronto, Media City Film Festival Ontario Canada, Arsenal-Berlin, Ourense Film Festival, Festival Punto de Vista Pamplona, CGAI Centro Gallego de Artes da Imaxe, Xcèntric CCCB Barcelona, among many others.


Multidisciplinary artist Odete develops a work that operates in the field of music, visual arts, performance and theater. Over time she has presented creations in different spaces and contexts, from Teatro São Luiz to MAAT, including the festivals DDD - Dias da Dança and Iminente. She released several albums between 2018 and 2020, composed for shows and cinema, collaborated as a performer in several plays, presented exhibitions in her own name and released her first book of poetry entitled "The Elder Femme and other Stone Writings".


Matmos is an experimental electronic music duo formed by Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel. Active since 1995, they regularly work with various artists both on their records and in live performances. Of their numerous collaborations, their partnership with Icelandic artist Björk stands out in the albums Vesperten (2001) and Medúlla (2004). In 2022, they released their 13th album Regards/Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer. In this work, the duo explores the electroacoustic work of Polish musician and composer Bogusław Schaeffer.

Dicky Bahto

Dicky Bahto is an artist who works with photography, film, sound and performance. He exhibits regularly in museums, galleries, micro-cinemas, film festivals, and alternative spaces. His most recent projects include a film for Liz Harris, video directing of Mieko Shiomi's Mirror Piece for an exhibition at The Getty Museum, music videos for songs by Sarah Davachi, Nite Jewel, Raum, Grouper, Chuck Johnson, and Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken, and an installation at the Time-Based Arts Festival in Portland of 35mm slides.

1.1. Soundtrack by Jim O'Rourke for a film by Lois Patiño

1.2. Gemma Green-Hope's film for a musical composition by Surma.

Jogo Cruzado has the objective to create a wide and rich network of audiovisual matter, showing film and sound techniques from multiple languages and influences, confronting us with the many ways of seeing what we hear and hearing what we see.

We have therefore sought out new and established artists who challenge conventions and surprise the various participating artists, whether they are the finalists of the work or the makers of the initial stage.

The first crossing happened in June 2022 creating two original audiovisual pieces — first, a soundtrack by Jim O'Rourke for a film by Lois Patiño and then, a film by Gemma Green-Hope created after the musical composition by Surma.

Jim O'Rourke

A leading figure in experimental music and beyond in the last 40 years, Jim O'Rourke is a complete musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and sound engineer, with an endless discography in his own name and as a collaborator. A major part of his recent output, since 2013, is through his Steamroom Bandcamp, but it is with his song records that he has collected the fame that haunts him. Living in Japan for almost 20 years, O'Rourke has also composed film soundtracks for films by Werner Herzog, Koji Wakamatsu and Olivier Assayas.

Lois Patiño

Associated to the New Galician Cinema, Lois Patiño has had an ascendant career brightened by the participation in the biggest and best world film festivals, such as the Quinzaine des réalisateurs in Cannes, Berlinale, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, among many others. In 2013, "Death Coast", his debut feature film, was awarded at Locarno, anticipating another fifteen awards on his circuit through festivals. With a keen, plastic eye for textures, Lois Patiño, the son of two Galician abstract painters, tells human documentary stories delivered to the forces of nature.  One of his most recent films, "Syrocax", is based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and has the Azores as its setting. In 2021, he designed the image and directed the presentation film of the album "La Exclusión" by Nino De Elche.

Gemma Green-Hope

Using stop motion, animation, video, archive material and photography, Gemma Green-Hope creates a special connection between places, stories and memories through her films. With work for Penguin, School Of Life or Tate, she has also collaborated on community projects with organisations such as the National Theatre of Wales. Her works have been shown at various film festivals and events, such as the London Short Film Festival or National Geographic's Short Film Showcase.


Revealed with "Antwerpen" in 2017, with which she collected numerous accolades and awards, Surma has since then had a constant presence in the Portuguese music scene, with participation in the biggest national music festivals, a performance as a finalist in the 2019 Song Festival, a soundtrack for the film "Snu" by Patrícia Sequeira, and a path rich in collaborations with other musicians. She has published her album internationally, taking her to tour in venues and festivals in America and Europe, and to be highlighted in the foreign press.

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Music thrives and empowers the thought of togetherness, all the while providing a place to find a connection within oneself or with others. With a history of access to the backstage of music festivals, there have been many occasions when we have filmed unique moments with artists we admire. Music gave Canal180 a room of possibilities.



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