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What makes music music? Is it the melody, the lyrics, the beats, the instruments, the rhythm, or the combination of all that within a set time frame? There are a thousand ways to experience it.

Since 2019 we have been following Som Sim Zero, watching as they prove that there are no barriers, no boundaries that can contain the power of music.

In the Azores, the musical activism of Som Sim Zero, together with ASISM, the School of Music of Rabo de Peixe and Tremor Festival, acts incisively in the deaf community of Rabo de Peixe and has touched individually and deeply the lives of each one who passes through there.

It's really the possibility to go out, to discover emotions, feelings, people, places. It's an internal and external self discovery, it's a huge world, it's something that is quite special. It's the proof that with music it's possible that there are no barriers at all.

— Luís Senra

Miguel is a member of ASISM and, like Luis, has been part of the Orquestra Som Sim Zero long enough to know that this is what he likes. "I hear and feel the vibrations of sound" — says Miguel.

Among beats and rhythms felt from within, Miguel thinks about managing a life between farming at day and DJing at night. And so, person by person, beat by beat, lives are touched, paths are built.

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Music thrives and empowers the thought of togetherness, all the while providing a place to find a connection within oneself or with others. With a history of access to the backstage of music festivals, there have been many occasions when we have filmed unique moments with artists we admire. Music gave Canal180 a room of possibilities.



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