Editorial Statute

1. The thematic television program service with national coverage and non-conditioned subscription access, Canal180, is a professional television project focused on culture and creativity, based on an innovative model that reinforces the interaction and participation of a large number of agents, creators and producers.

2. Canal180 aims to contribute to the promotion of national talent through the aggregation, development and broadcasting of cultural content. It intends to stimulate the crossing of culturally active audiences with a community of professional, amateur and casual producers, through an open and multi-platform strategy.

3. Canal180 is independent of political, economic or religious powers.

4. Canal180 is committed to respecting the rights of viewers.

5. Canal180 ensures that its programming will always respect human dignity, fundamental rights and freedom.

6. Canal180, through its programming, ensures that it will never incite racial, religious or political hatred or hatred generated by color, ethnic or national origin, sex or sexual orientation.

7. Canal180 ensures that it will never include in its programming content and / or programs that may damage manifestly the free formation of personality of children and adolescents, including those that contain pornography.

8. Canal180 ensures respect for the deontological and ethical principles of journalists, also requiring them to strictly fulfill their professional duties in accordance with the law.

9. Canal180 complies with the Television Act and other applicable legislation as well as the guidelines defined in this Editorial Statute.


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