Editorial Statute

1. Canal180 is a cable television channel focused on the themes of culture and creativity

2. Canal180 aims to contribute to the promotion of national talent through the aggregation, development and dissemination of cultural content. It aims to encourage the crossing of culturally active audiences with a community of professional, amateur and casual producers, through an open and multi-platform strategy

3. Canal180 is considered a multidisciplinary medium, dedicated to areas such as the group of creators, agents and promoters that stand out for challenging the traditional conventions and perspectives of contemporary creation

4. Canal180 is committed to the legitimacy of the sources and players involved and seeks to identify them accurately, establishing itself as a medium that is guided by the authenticity of the content it develops

5. Editorial decisions on content and programming guidelines are made by OSTV Lda.'s management team, and the editorial structure focuses on two main themes: cinema and music

6. Canal180 devotes particular attention to the development of content on art and cultural dissemination, and seeks to keep its editorial team open to collaboration with different institutions and independent culture-related individuals


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Editorial Statute
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