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Music recording studios are some of the most fascinating places to be in. Watching as engineers and technicians set a musician's vision in stone, seeing the sheer variety and amount of instruments and equipment that give musicians and technicians endless possibilities to create. 

We went on a tour through one of the most impressive recording studios in Portugal, Arda Recorders. Where chief engineer João Brandão and producers Jaime Gomez and Carlos Fuchs walked us through all of the amazing details that make not only Arda, but studios in general, so special.

Dozens of analog EQs, compressors, pre-amps. An actual echo-chamber, tape recorders, dozens of drums and guitars and a beautiful Fazioli piano.

Over the past year we’ve forged a great friendship with Arda Recorders, and it’s always a pleasure for us to visit their space. More than a high-end studio, Arda is an incredibly important structure for Porto as a cultural and creative hub, being a unique space in the city for artists to create and solidify their art.

Having worked with acts like The Last Internationale, Sensible Soccers, Marisa Liz, Manel Cruz, Best Youth, We Trust, Rui Massena, Dealema, Orquestra Bamba Social,  Mão Morta, Fred and Frankie Chavez, it has become an undeniable landmark in Portugal’s booming music industry.

These are the places we love to be in, where the magic happens, where we can get an inside perspective on what the creative process entails. They were kind enough to give us a full tour through all of their recording and mixing studios, collection of gear and instruments.

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Music thrives and empowers the thought of togetherness, all the while providing a place to find a connection within oneself or with others. With a history of access to the backstage of music festivals, there have been many occasions when we have filmed unique moments with artists we admire. Music gave Canal180 a room of possibilities.



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