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Canal180 is an independent editorial platform entirely dedicated to culture and creativity. Celebrating uniqueness and voice diversity, we produce inspiring experimental audiovisual content about both pioneering and emerging creators.  

Starting out as a groundbreaking TV channel in 2011, Canal180 has become one of Portugal’s leading media for left-field music, cinema and art. Our content, nevertheless, is watched by a large audience around the world through our multi-channel ecosystem and is a vital source of inspiration for our ever-growing intercultural community.

This wide range of original content, at times developed in collaboration with our network of local and international partners, includes documentaries, interviews, short films and many other innovative media formats. It seeks to provide unexpected discoveries and singular perspectives from interdisciplinary talent, often focusing on the creative process while giving our audience behind-the-scenes access to artistic practices.

We also organise events, workshops and exhibitions, such as 180 Creative Camp, 180 Media Lab, 180 Creative Lab and 180 Media Arts Conference. These offer opportunities for artists to show their work to their audiences and connect with other artists and industry professionals, ultimately fostering collaboration among them.

Our strong commitment to supporting new artists, musicians, designers and all kinds of creators through our online presence, our TV channel and our events, makes a vital contribution to the global creative community.


CEO & Founder

João Vasconcelos

Head of Production

João Brojo


Luís P. Fernandes


Cátia Bastos

Creative Executive Producer

Joana Seguro

Projects & Partnerships / Community Manager

Marta Miranda

Communications & Content Manager

Nicole Gonçalves

Social Media & Event Manager

Vítor Serra

Translator & Office Manager

Claudia Alegrete

IT & Broadcast

Pedro Vasconcelos

Senior Director & Film Editor

Joana Domingues

Director, Film Editor & Curator

Joana Ferreira

Director, Film Editor & Curator

Bautista Godoy

Director, Film Editor & Curator

Carolina Ribeiro

Director, Film Editor & Curator

João Martins

Motion Designer

João Parra

Film Editor & Motion Designer

Bruna Silva

Motion Designer

Vanda Novo


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Where we are


Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2

4050 - 453 Porto




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